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Children's concert
Amelie and the Musical saw (in German)

About the piece:
King Symphony III. is seriously ill, he has melancholy and only exceptionally beautiful music can make him well again. Therefore a competition is announced.
Amelie would like to take part in the competition, but her wicked stepmother hadn't allowed her to learn a musical instrument, even though Amelie is at least as talented as her stepsisters.
While sawing wood in the cellar, Amelie suddenly hears a voice and starts talking to her saw. It reveals a secret to her: it can sing! Strengthened by this discovery, Amelie flees the cruel circumstances with her Musical Saw and embarks on an adventure with her new friend. As a street musician, she enchants people and is finally discovered by the sick king's talent scouts. Will she be able to make the king smile again with the magical sound of her saw at the finale in the royal palace - in front of an audience consisting only of children?
With music by George Gershwin, Franz Schubert, Antonio Vivaldi, Harold Arlen, Camille Saint-Saëns and others

written and played by Katharina Micada -
Musical saw, acting (Amelie and her stepsisters Violetta and Flottilie)
and with Raphael Kübler - narrator, stepmother, casting jury, royal messenger
N.N. - piano

duration: 45 Minuten
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