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Frequently asked questions

Is that a REAL saw?

No, it's a musical saw. You can't get in in the building-market.

Is it difficult to play the Musical Saw?

Answer for journalists: Yes, indeed!
Answer for beginning sawplayers: If you know the basics, it's not too difficult, but anyway, you have to practise...

WHERE can I buy a Musical Saw?

world wide web: For example Ralph Stövesandt (beautiful sound, without teeth, good value for money) or at Pete Wentworth (good value for money) or at Elderly ("Blacklock"-saws in four different sizes, in other respects the same as Pete Wentworth's, but higher in prize) or in UK at Hobgoblin Music shop (Thomas Flinn saws, great compass)

Where can I learn to play the Musical Saw?

look "lessons"

How did you get the idea to play the saw?

Inspired by a photograph of Marlene Dietrich and by the actor Meret Becker in the movie "Kleine Haie" I got interested in the musical saw. In 2001 I decided to take up sawing.

Where can I get a stable case for my Musical Saw?

I can recommend a gun case. (you can get one at the hunter's store)

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